Kardec Spiritist Group of Austin

What is Spiritism?

Spiritism was revealed by Superior Spirits through mediumship. All the information was gathered together and organized in books by a French educator known as Allan Kardec, and was originally published in France one hundred and fifty years ago.

Spiritism is a philosophy because it investigates the true nature of life by answering questions such as "where have I come from", "what am I doing in this world" and "‘where will I go after death"? Spiritism explains the purpose of life, and the reasons for life’s many inequalities, apparent unfairness and suffering.

Spiritism is a science because it studies the so called “supernatural” phenomena by the light of reason and assigning a natural cause to them. The fact that materialistic science can’t explain some phenomena at a certain point in time doesn’t make those phenomena contrary to the laws of nature.

Spiritism is a religion because it has the moral transformation of mankind as its finality. It advocates a returning to the teachings of Jesus Christ in our daily lives. It shows Christianity in its true expression of love and charity, where Jesus is our role model. He reincarnated on Earth as a man like us, in order to show us how we can improve spiritually.


Who was Allan Kardec

Allan Kardec, whose real name was Hyppolyte Leon Denizard Rivail, was a French educator that, despite his initial skepticism, started investigating some strange and unexplained phenomena that were occurring in France during the 1850's. Very soon he realized, however, the importance and the serious aspects of those phenomena and started doing careful research through mediums (chanellers) who received messages from spirits.

The great work done by Kardec was to intensively question the spirits, searching for answers that could explain all the aspects of life. He published the questions he asked and the answers he received from the spiritual world in a book called "The Spirits' Book". These explanations were accepted as truth once Kardec’s group received messages in which the essence coincided in several instances.

The Spirits’ Book was the initial mark of the so called The Spiritist Doctrine (or Spiritism), which strongly encourages mankind to respect, love and help one another. It also teaches the steps mankind should take in order to grow in its evolution.